At Cor Cordis, we recognise the powerful impact of creating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion. We are building a culture where women are empowered to succeed and thrive, and women’s achievements are celebrated.

Having diverse, equitable and inclusive practices and an ethos which reflects the community that we are a part of, is critical to the future success of our people.  By setting high standards of behaviour, we aim to foster a positive and inclusive work environment. 

Our National Women’s Forum, a program of events and activities, is designed to create confidence, connections, and collaboration across our network, both internally and externally

Forging gender equity isn’t limited to women solely fighting the good fight. Through #EmbraceEquity we’re committing to a national program of change that will leave a legacy within Cor Cordis and create an environment where our people can learn, grow, and achieve their ambitions, regardless of gender.


We sat down with our partners, Rachel Burdett, Robyn Karam as well as our CEO Daniel Juratowitch, to gain their insight on the theme #EmbraceEquity.

Rachel Burdett, Partner

“Speak up, discuss, ask questions and help be part of the change. By being part of the solution, you will bring value to yourself and more importantly, have positive impact on others.”

Daniel Juratowitch, CEO & Partner

“My advice to young women starting work is to believe in their knowledge and skills, remember their value, and put themselves forward. It’s important to find a balance when starting out in your career between stepping out of your comfort zone and asking for support while also being confident in your abilities and embracing your strengths. On the whole, it’s up to all of us to make positive changes to the status quo and call out poor behaviour. Not just today but every day.”

Robyn Karam, Partner

“Work out what you need to succeed and don’t be afraid to ask for it. Have faith in yourself, and pause and acknowledge that to get to where you are required hard work and talent. Build on that base and be your best you.”

44% of Cor Cordis employees are female.


Be inspired by some of the women of Cor Cordis. Hear their thoughts on what actions will drive greater gender equity and their advice to young women in their early careers.

Christina Stanway
Senior Accountant
Mariella Polizzi
Senior Accountant
Samantha Trikolas
Senior Accountant