What does the International Women’s Day slogan, #EmbraceEquity mean for you? Why is it important to you?

We are all aware of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’, it has been discussed for many years and I think we all understand the need to be diverse and inclusive, to enable a good culture. However, these concepts are the basic building blocks of a broader ESG environment.

‘Embracing equity’ gives us focus to step up and make our own practices, to achieve our next phase of practice, uninhibited by out-of-date mindsets, acknowledging that we must change to be effective in Australia as we do business within a market that has less borders and to remove barriers and inhibitors within our work environment.

Equity means creating a fair and equal world. What actions do you take to work towards achieving greater gender equality?

As a senior practitioner, my focus is to educate and drive change in our industry to enable and advocate for confident, connected and visible junior colleagues. I also take responsibility for taking steps in my every day to set expectations by contributing towards work a place you can turn up to enjoy and make a valued impact. 

How does Cor Cordis demonstrate its commitment to gender equity to ensure there is a sense of equality and belonging? 

Cor Cordis continues to grow, build and reflect – it’s receptive to change and building equality, belonging and understanding that harnessing our differences, makes us robust, adaptive and reflective. It’s been pretty amazing to watch our journey and its potential is exciting.

Can you share any achievements you are most proud of?

Being able to take on senior roles which have not been filled by females previously, to starting the Cor Cordis National Women’s Forum, but most importantly, watching one individual take the next step forward because I have given them some time. On a personal note, being a mum and raising two daughters with Māori heritage and helping them uphold their cultural identity is important to our family. 

As a woman, what are the most important challenges you have overcome to fulfill your role?

Challenges are ever changing, however I think not waiting for others to validate my path, was an important step for me earlier in my career. When I was sometimes the only female around, sometimes I felt different – then I stopped worrying and enjoyed my roles.

On International Women’s Day, what message or advice you can pass on to anyone, especially young women trying to establish their careers or anyone striving for gender equality?

Speak up, discuss, ask questions and help be part of the change. By being part of the solution, you will bring value to yourself and more importantly, have positive impact on others. Sometimes we forget how much substance there is in helping others.