The great retail reset – fact or fiction?

Industry insights

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions in the consumer goods retail industry globally. Retailers have had to adapt to changing consumer behaviours and preferences, with a particular acceleration towards online and omnichannel retailing.

Retailers are facing challenges that are expected to last beyond the pandemic, adapting to a shifting landscape. The ability to embrace new strategies, tools and tactics and to pivot quickly, when necessary, are the new status quo and are shaping a new era of retail.

Reset or not, staying relevant and being competitive will be key as retailers continue to navigate uncertainty.

This edition of our COVID Impact Series analyses the retail industry in Australia.

Download our report to unpack the key insights, trends and learnings that will continue to reshape the retail sector.


Rachell Burdett
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Rachel has over 25 years’ experience working in various restructuring and risk management roles within both chartered accounting firms and the banking industry. Rachel specialises in distressed debt advisory, stabilisation to turnaround, solvent liquidations (streamlining) and formal insolvency appointments helping clients through guidance, tailored solutions and resolving strategic, operational and financial problems.

Catherine Torres
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Catherine has over 20 years business experience in implementing solutions and guiding stakeholders through strategic, operational and financial challenges across a broad range of advisory assignments. Catherine specialises in distressed debt advisory, solvent winding ups (streamlining) and formal appointments, with a focus on restoring stability and preserving and enhancing value.

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