Budget Wrap: Why businesses need to bring their A-game

Industry insights

The government is set to deliver a surplus with this year’s budget.

Touted as striking a balance between providing costs of living relief against rising inflation, many see it as a political surplus which does little to help those who have been struggling, and continue to struggle, in the current economic environment.

While relief measures introduced in this budget are always welcomed, it falls short on helping struggling businesses and does not do enough to address the pressure on low/middle income earners.

If economic pressures are unlikely to ease, what steps can businesses take to ensure a better chance of success?

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Rachell Burdett
+61 3 8320 5644

Rachel has over 25 years’ experience working in various restructuring and risk management roles within both chartered accounting firms and the banking industry. Rachel specialises in distressed debt advisory, stabilisation to turnaround, solvent liquidations (streamlining) and formal insolvency appointments helping clients through guidance, tailored solutions and resolving strategic, operational and financial problems.

Gyan Tse
Senior Manager
+61 3 8320 5648

Gyan has over 10 years of experience in personal and corporate insolvencies and has worked on advisory engagements across a broad range of industries, including property, hospitality and finance. Gyan has specialist knowledge in corporate assignments and has managed a wide range of insolvency issues while providing support to directors, employees, and creditors of companies in financial distress.

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