Senior Accountant (Perth)

On the International Women’s Day theme #EmbraceEquity

To me, #EmbraceEquity means recognising the different starting points, issues and challenges faced by women and is essential in the journey to achieve global equality.

I am fortunate to live in Australia and work for an organisation such as Cor Cordis, to have opportunities and choices many women in the world don’t have. However, like many people, have experienced discrimination and harassment in various forms my entire life.

Actions towards greater gender equity

I consciously try to treat everyone how I want to be treated, fairly and with understanding, giving people my full time and attention.

Cor Cordis’ commitment to equality and belonging

Cor Cordis has great people. I enjoy working with Cor Cordis, with people who are supportive, empathetic and walk-the-talk providing true workplace flexibility with no side-ways-glances or comments, open-door communication and work to continuously improve.

Advice for people striving for gender equality, including young women trying to establish their careers

Everyone needs support, advice and messages at every stage of their career. What that looks like for each person is different and can change along the way. I’m still striving.

I like quotes and one that has stuck with me is Brene Brown quoting Theodore Roosevelt, with the opening line “It is not the critic who counts”.