Senior Accountant (Melbourne)

On the International Women’s Day theme #EmbraceEquity

For me #EmbraceEquity means ensuring everyone in our community is given the same playing field regardless of their ethnic background, country of origin, physical/mental ability, gender, or sexual orientation. It is important to me because I feel that equity is all about empowering one another to be their best and ensuring that everyone is treated fairly.

Actions towards greater gender equity

In order to achieve greater gender equality, I encourage new and upcoming staff to always share their thoughts and take part in discussions even though their views may be different. When communicating with my colleagues I respect their values and ensure that they feel included and have a sense of belonging when taking part in team projects and social events.  

Cor Cordis’ commitment to equality and belonging

Cor Cordis has a National Women’s Forum which encourages an environment where staff at all levels can learn, grow, and achieve their ambitions, regardless of gender. At Cor Cordis we have an inclusive culture which enables women and men to transform society and reach their potential through education, mentorship, innovation, and new business opportunities. I feel extremely lucky to be part of a company that embraces gender equality, where I can learn so much every day.

Advice for people striving for gender equality, including young women trying to establish their careers

Dream big and go for it! Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself and keep fighting for your dreams. International Women’s Day is a reminder for all of us to realise how strong our community is, when women and men come together.