CEO & Partner

What does the International Women’s Day slogan, #EmbraceEquity mean for you? Why is it important to you?
Having a focus on equity rather than simply equality means ensuring that all staff have access to the means to achieve their goals. Making this distinction is important as it acknowledges that simply offering opportunities are not the same as facilitating the support, growth, and development to reach them.
Equity means creating a fair and equal world. What actions do you take to work towards achieving greater gender equality? 

International Women’s Day is important to me as I have always been surrounded by strong women and am raising strong women; ensuring that I do my part to support and elevate women has always been a priority of mine. One of the most important daily actions I take is to challenge dated views and call out behaviour that is exclusionary. At Cor Cordis, I am committed to ensuring that gender equality is achieved across all levels of our organisation. Ranging from the staff employed to the opportunities for contribution and development to the cultural and social environment we foster.  

How does Cor Cordis demonstrate its commitment to gender equity to ensure there is a sense of equality and belonging?  

Cor Cordis demonstrates our commitment to gender equity by supporting equal employment at all levels of the firm, from our graduates to our partners. Cor Cordis employees receive financial assistance and study leave to complete their CA ANZ, CPA and ARITA Advanced Certifications. We also offer flexible leave, parental leave, bonus leave, and flexible working arrangements. The firm appreciates and understands the commitments of working mothers, requiring consideration toward meeting times, school holidays and pick up/drop-offs.  

Cor Cordis is committed to our staff and recognises the benefits of mentoring and fostering the development of our graduates as they complete their studies well into their future careers. Further, we are a firm of diverse backgrounds, experiences and circumstances that enhance our capabilities to serve our clients and office culture. We are continually learning and building our diversity, equity and inclusion commitments and aim to ensure that all staff are equipped with the knowledge and skills to promote a safe and rewarding work environment.  

On International Women’s Day, what message or advice can you pass on to anyone, especially young women trying to establish their careers or anyone striving for gender equality?

 My advice to young women starting work is to believe in their knowledge and skills, remember their value, and put themselves forward. It’s important to find a balance when starting out in your career between stepping out of your comfort zone and asking for support while also being confident in your abilities and embracing your strengths.  

On the whole, it’s up to all of us to make positive changes to the status quo and call out poor behaviour. Not just today but every day.