Corporate governance

The Cor Cordis Executive is responsible for the overall governance and performance of Cor Cordis, including strategic firm decisions and decision making, client engagement, quality and risk management, business succession/continuity, financial management, information technology and human resources.

The Executive is supported by the firm’s CEO and National Operations Director for operational oversight as well as other partners/staff engaged in compliance, information technology, finance, administration and human resources roles.

The Executive are committed to ensuring the firm operates in an environmentally and socially responsible manner by monitoring its environmental, social and governance risks.

All partners and staff are expected to apply the high ethical and professional standards expected of registered liquidators, trustees and professional accountants. This includes compliance with the ethical requirements of applicable regulatory bodies.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

At Cor Cordis we set high standards of behaviour to foster a positive work environment. It is important everyone feels supported and respected. We aim to foster a culture of fair treatment where everyone in the workplace, or dealing with us, is dealt with in a manner that is respectful, equitable and inclusive. 

Internally, diversity is supported and demonstrated by:

  • broadly similar numbers of female and male employees
  • staff with diverse cultural backgrounds
  • ability to work flexibly when required
  • policies and training to avoid discrimination and to support equality
  • equal opportunity for professional development within the workplace.

Environmental policy statement

Cor Cordis is committed to looking for opportunities and ways that we can minimise our impact on the environment arising from our services. In support of this commitment we will:

  • comply with relevant environmental laws and regulations
  • maintain a process to raise environmental awareness among our employees
  • provide our employees with information to support their understanding of how they can minimise environmental impacts
  • reuse/recycle where possible as part of reducing our consumption of resources
  • use resources efficiently
  • consider our environmental impact, risks and performance annually.